StratCommWorld is not your typical conference. It’s your connection to networking with globally minded experts and communication strategies that challenge the status quo.
Attendees value hearing from CCOs and CMOs from leading companies and NGOs, senior military officers and government communicators.
Attendees from previous Summit events consistently rated speakers and panelists 4.5/5.0 overall, with several plenary sessions receiving near-perfect scores.
The StratCommWorld conference size and its collegial atmosphere enable you to build career-enhancing relationships with people you normally would not meet. A hallmark of this event is the time allowed for Q&A with speakers and dialogue among attendees.
At StratCommWorld, we're preparing attendees to think 'three years out' with forward-looking strategies and ‘how-to’ case studies. Be prepared for what's next in communication.
Attendees will have access to 15 hours of educational sessions, meals, networking opportunities and exclusive interactive events.


We have so much in common; many more similarities than differences.

At StratCommWorld, we share common ground, though no two of us are alike. This conference celebrates our connection across public and private sectors, between businesses and industries, across cultures and geography, age, gender and ethnicity, and yes, politics. We learn about our strengths by discovering each other, professionally and personally, in a two-day conference communicating with one another.

Connection. This is our theme for StratCommWorld.

StratCommWorld is a conference aimed at showcasing best practices in strategic communications at the intersection of corporate communications, military public affairs, and government relations. The context for our work is very different in these diverse sectors, but it turns out, the strategies we use are strikingly similar.

The StratCommWorld 2022 program and topics are being designed to provide you with cutting edge opportunities to refine your leadership skills.

  • An informational edge that leads to insights not readily available to others, giving you the ability to develop solutions unique to your organization.
  • A digital edge to capitalize on connections between systems, people, places and things. This is where users reside, where your data is produced, and applications are shared. It’s where successful organizations engage in real-time with employees, customers and other constituents.
  • A behavioral edge to influence peoples’ actions, enabling you to set a direction and align the teams you lead.

StratCommWorld will share stories and strategies from people and organizations that drive outcomes that benefit people, their customers and communities. Attend and hear from leaders who are helping to build a world that we all want to live and work in.

StratCommWorld is designed for corporate, business, public sector and military communications directors and public affairs officers; information operations officers; corporate communications and public relations professionals; and executives from corporations, government agencies, the Department of Defense and military branches, the intelligence community, universities and NGOs with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Information Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Content Editing
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing 
  • Data Analytics
  • Public Policy 
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Intelligence and Analysis
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Community Relations
  • Employee Communications
  • Government Affairs

The program also is of interest to Consultants Marketing Services Providers  Association Managers  Executive Recruiters  Civic Organizations.

Join us at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on April 25-26, 2022. Register and attend StratCommWorld to gain your edge for success.



client (Demo)
Rita R.
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Correctional Lieutenant

This is the best conference that I’ve attended throughout my life and career.

client (Demo)
Frank K.
U.S. Air Force Center for Strategic Leadership
Department Director, Strategic Leadership Communications

Awesome! This Summit gets better every year.

client (Demo)
Teresa C.
Huntington Ingalls Industries

It’s an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships.

client (Demo)
Hilary L.
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine

Very excellent diverse topics covered in a short amount of time.

client (Demo)
Jason A.
Michigan State University

Fantastic way to network and connect.

client (Demo)
Chris O.
National Transportation Safety Board

Great opportunity to hear how strategic communications is being used across industry, government and non-profit.

client (Demo)
Victoria B.
Booz Allen Hamilton

Fantastic information and impressive list of speakers and attendees!

client (Demo)
Emily M.
United States Air Force

Eye opening and inspiring.

client (Demo)
Muna K.
Ministry of Community Development, UAE

A good experience. Helpful to my career.

client (Demo)
Julie C.

Fantastic event full of useful information from very different perspectives and background.

client (Demo)
Gina R-M.
United States Army

Fantastic and enlightening information.

client (Demo)
Sara S.
Project Data Sphere

Well-run, right-sized with a robust and thoughtful agenda.

client (Demo)
Volodymyr S.
CEO at Euro-Atlantic Communications

Great experience!

client (Demo)
Chad C.
Western Electricity Coordinating Council

Smooth, professional and very informative.

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