StratCommWorld builds on more than a decade of success assembling a global group of high-level speakers and delegates from corporations, the military, government, the Intelligence Community and NGOs.

StratCommWorld is not your typical conference. It’s your connection to networking with globally minded experts and communication strategies that challenge the status quo.

Enter our world—StratCommWorld—to refine your leadership skills, network with experts and gain new career opportunities.


We believe in the power of diverse viewpoints and pride ourselves on fostering an environment that inspires, engages, and informs. We’re a small conference by design for people with big ideas who share our love for strategic communication.

We’re on a mission to:
  • Inspire attendees with motivational speakers & content
  • Provide relevant and insightful sessions at an affordable price
  • Meet and learn from communication experts from around the world
  • Welcome and value numerous world views and experiences
  • Promote an engaging and interactive atmosphere conducive to high quality networking
  • Connect attendees with a wide range of ideas in a collaborative learning environment

This Strategic Summit is designed for corporate, business, public sector and military communications directors and public affairs officers; information operations officers; corporate communications and public relations professionals; and executives from corporations, government agencies, the Department of Defense and military branches, the intelligence community, universities and NGOs with responsibilities in the following areas:

Including Employee Relations, Marketing, Government Relations, Brand Management, Analysis, Social Media
Including Public Affairs, Government Affairs, Public Policy, Internal Communications, Public Relations
Including Public Diplomacy, Intelligence and Analysis, Information Operations
Including Community Relations, Content Creation and Editing, Strategic Alliances
Stratcomm.world 2023 theme

Creating Positive Connections:
Communicating a Responsive Worldview

Everyone holds a worldview. It is the “operating instructions” for how we live life and interact with the world around us.

The question is, at a time when different perspectives increasingly are brought to the table, do communications and public affairs officers, businesses, governments, and non-profits have strategies to deal with divergence? We face problems that have the potential to deeply impact our lives, yet society often is fragmented on what to do about them.

Ideas are particularly difficult to navigate today because they come so quickly and from so many directions. Discerning fact and knowing what is true has always been important, and it has never been more so in an age that finds us all drowning in information.

People around us—co-workers, clients, customers, family, neighbors—help shape the way we see and cope with the world. Unless we acknowledge that each perspective is just one way to see the world – it’s difficult to find integrated solutions.

“Creating positive new connections and communicating a responsive worldview” was the theme for StratCommWorld 2023.

Listening actively and deeply helps us understand other perspectives. Then communicating effectively is essential for innovation and for working together to analyze problems and identify solutions.

StratCommWorld 2023 explored ideas and solutions that challenged our worldviews—always so we end up learning something new—that helps make the world and work look less complex.

Watch this space for announcements about StratCommWorld at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

StratCommWorld is organized by the non-profit Strategic Communications Leadership Initiative with support from companies, private sector sponsors and the U.S. military.
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The Strategic Communications Leadership Initiative

The Strategic Communications Leadership Initiative provides thought leadership and sets standards for practicing strategic communications, thereby advancing the profession. We identify and endorse best practices to enhance engagement and share methods to increase the effectiveness and value of strategic communications. We do this by encouraging diverse thinking, fostering learning and achieving synergy of ideas and innovation among people and across organizations. The SCLI engages an active volunteer Board of Advisors, advises on the program content at a National Summit on Strategic Communications, and conducts interactive programs, seminars and training to share knowledge and expertise within the professional community.  www.thescli.org

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We are proud to partner with the University of Florida to produce StratCommWorld. UF provides more than just a quality and transformational educational experience. A UF degree connects you to unparalleled opportunities for networking and personal growth, and the College of Journalism and Communications is considered one of the nation’s best. UF CJC Online offers eight professionally focused master’s specializations designed to challenge, enhance skills and prepare students for exciting careers. The Master of Arts with a specialization in Global Strategic Communication is a degree program that equips students with the tools and skills needed to help solve the world’s most challenging problems through thoughtful and calculated communication.

For more information and to apply, please visit www.onlinemasters.jou.ufl.edu

client (Demo)
Rita R.
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Correctional Lieutenant

This is the best conference that I’ve attended throughout my life and career.

client (Demo)
Frank K.
U.S. Air Force Center for Strategic Leadership
Department Director, Strategic Leadership Communications

Awesome! This Summit gets better every year.

client (Demo)
Hilary L.
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine

Very excellent diverse topics covered in a short amount of time.

client (Demo)
Jason A.
Michigan State University

Fantastic way to network and connect.

client (Demo)
Chris O.
National Transportation Safety Board

Great opportunity to hear how strategic communications is being used across industry, government and non-profit.

client (Demo)
Victoria B.
Booz Allen Hamilton

Fantastic information and impressive list of speakers and attendees!

client (Demo)
Muna K.
Ministry of Community Development, UAE

A good experience. Helpful to my career.

client (Demo)
Julie C.

Fantastic event full of useful information from very different perspectives and background.

client (Demo)
Sara S.
Project Data Sphere

Well-run, right-sized with a robust and thoughtful agenda.

client (Demo)
Jason G.
Southern Methodist University

A great lineup of speakers and a wonderful venue for the conference.

client (Demo)
Steve W.
Aerojet Rocketdyne

A fabulous conference. Truly valuable for attendees and speakers alike.

client (Demo)
Sherry S.
Wounded Warrior Project

Hats off to everyone that did such a stellar job on the agenda and event!

client (Demo)
Steve F.
U.S. Army

I was very impressed by the forum, it was a great event. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer.

client (Demo)
Shawn T.
Michigan State University

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of StratCommWorld. There was a remarkable energy in the room. The information environment has changed so much. You help the community see where we are and where we need to go to better reach our target audiences.


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